Vous vous inquiétez pour l’utilisation de l'Arylamide et craignez que celle-ci devienne de plus en plus limitée jusqu’à son interdiction totale ? C’est exact le risque est fort que l’utilisation de l’Acrylamide dans les formulations soit proscrite. Elle devrait être prochainement incluse dans la liste REACH des produits très dangereux.

Pour remplacer l’Acrylamide, nous vous proposons notre DADMAC (chlorure de Diallyl-dimethyl-ammonium) : c’est un monomère de sel d’ammonium quaternaire qui remplace avantageusement l’Acrylamide dans les formulations sans difficultés. De plus il permet d’obtenir les polymères avec le plus hait poids moléculaire du marché !

This product DADMAC is high purity,quaternary ammonium salt monomer (Diallyl-dimethyl ammonium chloride) of water-soluble high-efficient positively charged ion type.

Molecular formula C8H16NCL, molecular weight 161.5.

Its molecular structure contains alkenyl double bond, which may form linear homopolymer and various kinds of copolymer through various kinds of polyreaction. In fact it allows to get to the highest polymer molecular weight of the market. Features of DADMAC are that under normal temperature it is quite stable, unhydrolyzed, noninflammable with small excitability to skin and low toxicity. Its forms of product are two kinds: one is solid white powder, another is water solution. This product contains no salt(sodium chloride).

Uses of DADMAC:

  1. Water and Waste-water Treatment: It is mainly applied to make polymer, synthesize various kinds of high molecular water treating compound. Its effects are electric neutralization, adsorption, flocculation, purification and decoloration, used for sewage disposal. It has evident effects in the fields of decoloration, killing alga and removing organics
  2. Paper Industry: Can be used to filter agent and anti-static
  3. Textile Industry and Dye Printing: It can be perfect non-formaldehyde dyestuff fixing additive, can form a piece of film to raise dyeing strengthening
  4. In chemical product for daily Use: It can be hackle additive, moisturized agent, and anti-static of washing-hair shampoo and regulate and change property
  5. Synthetic Resin: It can also be used as modifier for synthetic resin, endowing with electrical conductivity and antistatic
  6. This is a unique replacement for Acrylamide which usage will be very much restricted in the near future