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Our Company enjoys networks and relationship established for a long time. We are familiar with sourcing of chemicals in the international market. Our customers can benefit of the best quality / cost ratio for the chemicals they look for. Our expertise in Supply Chain in various countries their related cultural behavior of these countries helps our customer to take advantage to reduce their costs and secure their sourcing. We are committed to maximize these benefits for our customers.


We are definitively committed to provide our partners with efficient solutions about distribution, marketing (purchases and sales), supply of products and sourcing.


Our Mission

  • Provide our partners efficients solutions and practices of their supply chain, allowing them to work with just-in-time process and optimize the related factors.

  • Offer new sources for chemicals to our Customers.

  • Find quality products at competitive costs.

  • Travailler étroitement avec nos Clients pour évaluer et comprendre leurs
  • Work closely with our Customers to understand their needs and find specific solutions adapted to their requirements.

  • Take advantage background in the international business (more than 50 years!) to act as professional and reliability.
In close contact with the different markets of Asia and emerging countries, we have built a network of business relationships thanks to the long international experience of our Management as well as our experience of dealing with Multinational Companies. 

Advantages Customers

Many companies have for some of key raw materials only one approved supplier. Beyond the risk of shortage, even if it didn’t happen yet to them, they take the risk to overpay these materials vs. the real market price

We can bring another source taking care of needs, product availability et competitive prices.

To our partners (Customers and Suppliers) we bring market knowledge and opening to new profit opportunity.

By increasing their awareness and access to high quality products and special raw materials, we offer to our customers the opportunity to improve their own competitiveness at the era where all markets are opening worldwide.

Our Customers benefit of competitive prices, still keeping the comfort to dealing with a western company close to their needs. This is a source of savings for them (in terms of cash and time !) and a warranty of regular supplies.

Advantage Suppliers

To the Companies willing to sell their chemicals products, special materials and equipment’s, we offer our long experience in marketing, trade-marks development, supply chain organization, sales and distribution.

To present the right material to the right customer makes suppliers more comfortable in local markets or unknown markets for them.

Our Partners

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ATBS (Acrylo-Tertio-Butyl Sulfonate is marketed in neutralized solution or acid form (powder or granules).Nouveau ATBS (Acrylamide Tertio Butyl Sulfonic acid or neutralized salt)


Derivative of urea where the two amide functional groups have been replaced.


We have two qualities of this Homo Poly Maleic Acid (water or solvent)


Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid (Chelating agent)


Used as a Na+ substitute in systems to maintain physiological solutions as isotonic, but without sodium.

More than 50 large international companies call on us for their supplies.

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